Royal Bird

Royal Bird

Crowd Funding is a method of raising capital through the collective effort of investors as well as other Resources. Who contribute a small amount, online via social media and crowd funding platforms to finance a new business for Idea Development. Its for Start-ups only.

1. Easily Reach To Investors:

Have access to thousands of accredited investors and share fundraising campaign.

2. Public Relations and Marketing:

Sharing campaign through social media, newsletters and other online marketing tactics.

3. Efficiency:

Centralize and streamline the fundraising efforts. Instead of duplicating efforts by printing documents, compiling binders, and manually updating each one when there’s an update, we can present everything online in a much more accessible format.

4. Validation:

Presenting your concept or business to the masses affords an excellent opportunity to validate and refine your offering.

Required Documents

Business plan:

A comprehensive business plan is a 20-50 page document that goes over each and every detail of a business. This includes the problem your company solves or addresses, the solution you provide, your target market size, team background, etc.

Executive Summary:

An executive summary is a one-page document that details the most important aspects of your business plan, including problem, market size, solution, and a brief team background. Brevity and concise writing are crucial when writing an executive summary because it's a document meant for quick reference and to pique initial interest.

Pro Forma Income Statement:

A pro forma income statement lists business assets, costs, revenue, as well as projected assets/liabilities. It should give a detailed picture of your company’s current and projected financial status.

Pitch Deck:

A pitch deck is generally a PowerPoint presentation that walks potential investors through the key components of your startup. Traditionally, a pitch deck is used as a presentation tool when speaking to investors during a meeting. In a crowd funding campaign, your pitch deck will need to be slightly more informational since you won’t be there personally to deliver the information to potential investors.

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