Trade Mark Registration

A trademark is a visual image, which might be a word, name, gadget, mark or numerals utilized by a business to recognize it merchandise or administrations from other comparative products or administrations starting from an alternate business. An enrolled trademark is an impalpable resource or licensed innovation for a business and is utilized to ensure the organization's interest in the brand or image. A trademark is registrable in the event that it is unmistakable for the products and ventures you give. Proposed trademarks that are comparable or indistinguishable to a currently enrolled trademark can't be enlisted. Additionally, trademarks are not registrable on the off chance that it is hostile, bland, beguiling, not unmistakable, contains uncommonly secured symbols, and so on.,

Trademarks in India are enlisted by the Controller General of Patents Designs and Trademarks, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. Trademarks are enlisted under the Trademark Act, 1999 and furnish the trademark proprietor with a privilege to sue for harms when encroachments of trademarks happen. Once a trademark is enlisted, R image can be utilized and the enrollment will be legitimate for a long time. Enrolled trademarks nearing expiry can be effortlessly reestablished by recording a trademark restoration application for a time of an additional 10 years.

Way We Can Assist You With Trade Mark Registration


A well experienced professional lawyer can easily understand the nature and behaviour of the objection.


According to the Trade Mark nature of opposition the Trade Mark lawyer will file for the reply notice or filing.


Once the Reports are signed, the Report is filed with the trademark registrar to complete the objection .

Main Features of Filing Trade MarkRegistration


Judicial Preservation

Only owners of registered Trade Mark are allowed to take action or sue for damages in case of Trade Mark infringement.All registered Trade Mark are valid for a period of 10 years and can be renewed for a period of another 10 years.


Single Identity

Trade Mark identity will assist create a unique identity and trade for you're all the goods and services which are provided by your company under your Trade Mark.



Registered Trade Mark can be used to create a sense of trust, goodwill and quality in the minds of your customer that is unique to your business. Registered Trade Mark shows your customer that you care about your brand.


Global Trade Mark Filing

A Trade Mark filing in India can be used as the basis for Trade Mark filing in other countries if required. Foreigners and Foreign entities can also register a Trade Mark in India if required.