Certifications and Purposes

The ISO 9000 standards improve operating procedure and reduce cost. Being ISO certified means that companies operate using the ISO guideline. When companies advertise the fact that they are ISO certified, it has been proven to be a very powerful marketing tool for them. When customers know that their product is ISO 9000 certified they feel assured that their product is what they expect. These stamp of ISO 9000 approval, lets customers know what to expect, thus they get a quality product.

The standards set by ISO 9000 ensure a dependable Quality Assurance system. Additionally, any company that does business in Europe knows that customers are demanding products be ISO 9000 certified. As worldwide customers demand ISO 9000 standards, ISO 9000 will become more prevalent. As more international companies come into the market, this will make companies more competitive. The increase in competition will improve the quality and decrease the cost of the product, thus creating a better environment for the consumer.

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