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Design Registration

Design registration is a kind of licensed innovation assurance, under which recently made plans applying to an article made under a modern procedure can be shielded from forging. Under the Design Act, 2000, a shape, setup, example or trimming or structure of lines or shading or mix connected to an article can be enrolled. For a plan to be enrolled, it must fulfill the accompanying conditions: it must be new and unique, the outline should identify with highlights of shape, setup, example or adornment connected to an article, the outline must be connected to an article by a mechanical procedure and the plan must be obvious and ought to show up on an article. Plan enrollment gives the maker, selective rights overutilization of the outline for a time of ten years that can be additionally reached out for a time of five years. If there should arise an occurrence of encroachment, the proprietor of an enlisted configuration can look for lawful cure under the Design Act.

A Capital Flow is the main business administration’s platform in India, offering an assortment of administrations like trademark enrollment, business enlistment, assesses enlistment, impose Reporting and capital syndication. A Capital Flow can enable you to enlist a Design. The normal time taken to draft and record a plan enrollment application is around 10 - 15 working days, subject to government preparing time and customer archive accommodation. Get a free discussion on recording a plan enrollment application by planning a meeting with a Capital Flow Advisor.

Way We Can Assist You With Design Registration

Supplication Arrangement

A Capital Flow Expert will prepare the Design Registration. We will arrange your application within 4-6 working days based on your details.

Supplication Filing

After the Design application is prepared and signed by you, we can file it with the Design Registrar electronically.

Design Registration

Once the Design application is filed with the Registrar, the Government processing will start.

Important Aspects of Design Registration


Ministry Action

A Capital Flow professional expert will help you in the registration of your Design. Hence there is no warranty for the Design registration. It is a process which is provided by the Registrar based on the Facts and premises of each case.



All the list of Design registrations will be maintained in a file and published by the patent office to put competitors in a notice to avoid complexions. In case of infringement, the owner of the Design register can take a legal action.



Post-filing of a Design registration application, it is important to periodically LOAN the status of the application until its processing on the Government side. Design registration application process sometimes requires various time-bound response or action from the applicant.



Designs registered under the Designs Act are protected for a period of ten years, renewable by another 5 years. However, design registration mainly applies only to designs applied by an industrial process on any article.