One of the primary objectives of a business is solvency. Along with liquidity and viability, solvency enables a business to keep going, to stay in business.Solvency is the ability of a business to have enough assets to cover its liabilities. The business assets are the things the business owns, and the liabilities are what the business owes on those things.

Every business has problems with cash flow occasionally, especially when starting into business. If the business has too many bills to pay and not enough assets (including cash, of course) to pay those bills, the business will not survive.Solvency relates directly to the balance sheet of a business. The balance sheet shows the relationship of the business assets on the one side to its liabilities and equity (ownership) on the other side.

Solvency is often measured as a ratio of assets to liabilities.Solvency is often confused with liquidity, but it is not the same thing. Liquidity is a short-term measure of a business, while solvency is a long-term measure. Liquidity relates more to short-term cash flow, while solvency relates more to long-term financial stability.

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How we help with credit Score CHECK

Seeking CReDIT Report

The Capital Flow on our behalf to the credit rating Agencies in India,Requesting a copy of our credit report.

credit report Analisys

Once a report is received from the agencies our expert would analyze the report and help you to understand the report.

Rating Conflict

In case if you conflict with the LOAN report than our experts will request the rating agency to analyze the report again.

Needs For Credit Score check


Solvency Report

A solvency report is a report prepared by a LOAN Rating Agency, which contains information relating to the LOAN worthiness and repayment track record of an individual.


Solvency Score

Solvency scoring companies use multiple factors to come to a LOAN score which represents the individual's LOAN worth


Capital Flow can help

Capital Flow will get your LOAN score our financial expert will provide you the advice and methods to improve your LOAN score


Rating companies

India has 3 LOAN companies namely CIBIL EQUIFAX india and Experian India


LOAN report information

These reports contain complete information of an individual and LOAN score