A business plan is a vital Report for any business that contains information about the relating to its promoters, business representation, operations, past, competitor examination, market investigation and project financial execution. A trading strategy is extremely as it serves as a roadmap for the business and provides information in an understandable format to investors wants to know more about the business. A key utilization of a business plan or investor pitch is for raising private equity capital or angel investment in a startup. Business plans are used by private equity investors and angel investors to gain an insight into the business for making an asset choice. Once a company has been granted a business method, they are able to license their method and profit from it or use the patent to block competitors.

One of the most famous Internet-age business method patents is Amazon.com's one-click patent (U.S. Patent No. 5,960,411). Amazon asserted that it was the first to come up with the idea for allowing shoppers to make purchases with a single mouse click by using a pre-defined LOAN card and address and was granted a patent for the process. Soon afterward, Amazon.com licensed the the one-click process to Apple and sued its competitor, Barnes&Noble.com, insisting that Barnes&Noble.com redesign its website.

A well-drafted business strategy will contain information about the promoters, infrastructure information, and human capital requirement, business model, industry viewpoint, and competitor examination, SWOT investigation, past financial execution, projected financial performance, key financial indicators and any other significant information. Capital flow has a group of experts with extensive experience in preparing business plans. Contact us today and we can help you prepare a well-organized business strategy for your startup.



Before preparing a business plan ourfinancial professional will work with you to understand your business proposed plans and capital requirement.

Business proposal preparation

A business plan contains information about the business in a presentable and understandable format. Business plan is used for investment decision by private equity investors and angel investors.

Business proposal finalization

Once the proposal is completed you can provide your comments or inputs to finalizes and prepare the final business proposal and inverter pinch.



Business proposal

A business proposal contain information about the the business in a precentable and understanble format


Financial Except

A well-drafted trade plan will ensure easy access to equity funding. So an experienced Financial Professional with good writing, appearance.


Capital Flow can help

A company is an artificial judicial person, which can acquire its own, enjoy and sell, property in its name. No Partner can eventually make claim upon the property of the company - so long as the company is a going concern.


Capital Syndication

Business proposal plays an important role in the syndication of capital from inverters .a well-completed business plan has the all information that a bank is a financial institution requires for making a certification. are investment decision.


Well completed business plan

A Well drafted business arrangement will contain information pertaining to the Entrepreneur background, Infrastructure, Human Capital, Business Model, Operational Information, Industry Outlook, SWOT Analysis and Financial Performance.